Rebuilding Services

Rebuilding Services

Have your original parts remanufactured and returned to you! Muskegon Brake offers a full line of rebuilding services. Send us your parts, tagged with your name and phone number and let us get to work for you! For information about other rebuild services that may not be listed please call.

Corvette Caliper Rebuild $124-149

Your caliper is cleaned, bored, stainless steel sleeved and rebuilt with high quality seals and boots. External castings are painted with high-temp cast colored paint to approximate the original unpainted caliper color. Calipers are tested and returned to you ready to bolt up to your Corvette. Limited Lifetime Warranty on stainless steel sleeves; one year warranty on rubber components.

Master Cylinder Rebuild $349 and up

We rebuild most makes of brake master cylinders. Each casting is shot blasted, bored, stainless steel sleeved, re-painted and rebuilt.

Corvette Trailing Arm Rebuild $389 and up

Your trailing arm is disassembled, inspected and cleaned. All critical dimensions are measured and rotor (if included) is selectively aligned to its minimum run out.  Your trailing arm is returned completely assembled with new parts: e-brake cable guide, trailing arm bushings, bearings, seals, races, stainless emergency brake mechanism, and emergency brake shoes. Two year warranty, unlimited mileage.

Corvette Steering Gear Box Rebuild $319

Each gear box is completely disassembled, inspected and cleaned. All bearings, seals, races and gaskets are replaced. Each unit is re-packed and set up to the proper tolerances.

Shipping is additional