About Us

Muskegon Brake Since the 1940s, Muskegon Brake has been known as one of the area's top brake specialists, and with the help of new ownership in the late 90's, the company has grown to become not only one of the Midwest's top underbody repair experts, but one of the region's most knowledgeable resources for Corvette owners. Today, Muskegon Brake sells a complete catalog of Corvette parts nationwide from their thriving service facility.
Expertise in Underbody Corvette Parts Manufacturing
Thanks to decades of collective experience, Muskegon Brake Corvette Parts Division is not only capable of providing industry leading expertise on Corvettes of all makes; the company also fabricates its own Corvette undercar parts on site.
Muskegon Brake first began custom manufacturing Corvette brake and suspension parts in response to customers' demand for these difficult or impossible to obtain parts. Today, that business has expanded to include nationwide service and shipping of Corvette undercar parts.
With the help of a wide supplier network, we're able to provide steering, exhaust, brake and suspension parts for nearly every Corvette ever made, as well as many GM performance cars and other automobiles. In addition to new part sales, we offer many reconditioned and remanufactured parts as well as part rebuilding services. Check out our Corvette Service Department - and be sure to read about our core exchange program for remanufactured parts.
Why Buy Corvette Parts from Us?
We could tell you about our industry low prices on Corvette parts. We could also emphasize our decades worth of collective experience servicing, refurbishing and manufacturing parts for Corvettes of all makes. But what really sets us apart from other Corvette parts suppliers is our service.
At the end of the day, we're a local repair shop, and customer satisfaction is what's most important to us. Whether it's refurbishing a front control arm for a Corvette owner in North Dakota or changing the oil in a local Muskegon driver's Toyota, we strive to provide the highest quality service and customer experience, every time.
Have questions? Browse our Corvette service department to learn more about our Corvette parts rebuilding services, use the navigation to search our online Corvette parts catalog, or simply give us a call.