Corvette C1


C1 Corvette Parts (1953-1962)
The original American sports car, the first 1953 straight axle Corvette was the beginning of one of the longest running production vehicles in the history of motoring. These cars are iconic, and often draw a crowd.
The “solid axle” first generation (C1) Corvettes are now becoming sought-after collector cars, and prime examples command prime pricing. Due to their age and unique construction, locating C1 parts often poses a challenge for C1 owners and repair specialists. In response to the scarcity of replacement C1 parts, we not only source a wide inventory of hard to find C1 parts; we also manufacture brake, suspension and exhaust parts that can't be found anywhere else.
We offer suspension, brake, and exhaust components for the C1 Corvettes to keep your classic piece of Americana on the road.


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